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Our Expertise
Facilities Management Services
Food Services
Office and Admin Support Services 

Facilities Management Services consist of both Hard and Soft services. 

Hard services referring to services that are structured within the building (e.g. air conditioning, fire safety systems and building maintenance). While Soft services referring to roles that make environment more pleasant or secure to work in (e.g. office cleaner).

Food Services have important roles in hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals from preparing of foods, cooking, baking serving, receiving of cash, clearing of dishes and lastly washing of used plates and cups.  

Each roles are essential to ensure operations goes smooth.

Nevertheless, white collar professional are the backbone support of the company (e.g. Human Resource to take care of staffs' welfare, Marketing department to market company's products, Logistic & Procurement team to source and warehouse matter etc.)

We listen and understand your needs

We understand the frustration and believes in matching the right “fit” candidates for the roles are crucial. This not only stabilize the operation, retain talents in your company, but also reduce unwanted additional administrative and other workloads to Human Resource. 

With Lighthouse Recruitment come in place to tackle those recruitment issues, this allow Human Resource team to have better threshold to focus on other tasks and planning of strategy directions for the Company.

Our Commitment
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